1. All guests are required to sign our Liability Waiver (click here)
  2. Check out time is at 12:00 pm. If a longer time is needed, please check in with the manager.
  3. Bathrooms and showers are in the white buildings as you enter Como Springs Resort (Resort). Pets are not allowed in the restrooms at anytime. Do not to wash your pets in the restrooms.  
  4. NO SMOKING allowed in the bathrooms. Violation of this may result in eviction from the Resort!
  5. We currently have NO laundry facility on site. The local laundromat is located at 389 E. 125 N. in Morgan City.
  6. We currently have NO WIFI currently available.
  7. Speed Limit within the Resort and across the access bridge is 5 MPH.
  8. Two vehicles allowed per RV site. Additional parking for guests located at visitor parking. Parking is tight for some sites, please work with your neighbors to allow for at least one vehicle parking for each trailer, any additional vehicles will be required to park in the overflow parking. Please be considerate of other sites and do not park in vacant sites.
  9. Quiet hours are from 10 pm to 7 am.
  10. Visitors must park in the designated Visitor’s Area. DO NOT HAVE VISITORS PARK IN ADJACENT RV SITES.
  11. Pets must be on a leash at all times. Pets cannot be tethered/caged for long periods of times.  PICK UP AFTER YOUR PETS.
  12. DO NOT discharge firearms (including airsoft guns, pellet guns and bow and arrow) in Resort.
  13. DO NOT discharge fireworks in Resort.
  14. NO DRUG USE in Resort, including recreational/medical marijuana violators and those associated with this violation will be immediately evicted.
  15. Each site price includes 2 adults, 4 children.  Any additional guest(s) over this allotment must pay $5.00 per person per site, up to a Maximum of 6 people per RV site.
  16. Washing of vehicle’s, RV’s or ATV’s is not permitted.
  17. No littering. Place household type trash in LARGE dumpster. Smaller garbage cans are for small trash only. NO LARGE ITEMS LIKE MATTRESSES, GRILLS, CARDBOARD BOXES, ETC. ARE ALLOWED IN DUMPSTER.
  19. Several Picnic Tables are available at sites 30-40 and some tent sites.  Do not borrow tables from other sites.  Please talk to the Resort managers to make arrangements for additional tables if needed.
  20. Keep lawns clear of rocks and other debris when crews are performing maintenance.
  21. One tent is allowed per RV/tent site (sites 20-48, for one week only). Additional tents for these RV sites must reserve sites in the tent site area. No tents are allowed at sites 50-69.
  22. All rules and regulations are subject to change at the owner/managers digression.  When these changes occur, guests will be notified.
  23. All daytime visitors wishing to fish or swim at Como Springs Lake, must purchase a wristband from the Resort managers. Day use is $5.00 per day.


  • We do not prorate long-term monthly payments because of the transient nature of the Resort.  All long-term lease agreements begin on the 1st of any month. If you move in anytime after the 7th of the month, your rate will revert to the weekly and/or daily taxable rate until the 1st of the following month.
  • All long-term fees are due between the 1st and 7th of each month and will be charged to the credit card on file.
  • NO SMOKING allowed in the bathrooms. Violation of this may result in eviction from the Resort!
  • We do not have mail delivery on site. If you require mail service from the USPS please inquire about a PO Box.
    • Morgan’s Post Office is located at 188 N State St.
  • UPS and FED Ex will deliver to the Resort. We do recommend that you display your RV space number on your RV to make it easier for them to locate you and hopefully get your package to you.
  • We currently have no laundry facility on site. The local laundromat is located at 389 E. 125 N. in Morgan City.
  • We currently have no WIFI available at the Resort, if you choose to connect with Centurylink, you will do so at your own risk and cost. If you are asked to move to a different site within the Resort, the Resort will not pay for re-connection costs.
  • We do not have Cable TV, no services are available in Morgan County for Cable TV. You are welcome to connect DirectTV or Dish, however, the Resort does not take responsibility for any connection or re-connection fees. Any satellite dish left after you leave the Resort, will result in a forfeit of your security deposit.
  • Long-term guests are asked to keep garbage and clutter cleaned up around their trailers. All belongings except for table and chairs, grill and firewood are allowed around your trailer, all other items need to be neatly stored under or in your trailers.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Resort Manager at Site 28.

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